Hani is a Leadership and Communication expert. As a certified Conversational Intelligence Coach and educator, she brings 22 years’ experience in local and international training environments across a spectrum of nationalities, cultures, professions and age groups. In her capacity as a trainer, facilitator and coach, she has worked with CEOs of international brands, academic staff in higher education, local government, non-profit organisations and struggling youth in impoverished townships.

She has assisted them in solving problems ranging from negotiating in foreign markets, presenting proposals for change management, developing team cohesion, practicing cultural sensitivity in diverse teams, establishing community projects with inclusive participation processes to developing leadership at grassroots level. This rich and broad experience allows her to easily build rapport, trust and respect with all people, embracing diversity. Hani’s commitment is to connect with each person, empowering their inherent abilities and inspiring the highest levels of personal performance. In so doing, she creates a space for our deep and common humanity to arise. When learning and communication happen in that space, the extraordinary is born. Through The Leadership Factory®, her mission is to use her skills in teaching, listening and uncovering barriers to support people in becoming their best selves within a healthy team, family and community.


University of the Western Cape
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