InstructorHani Du Toit
TypeOnsite Course
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Coaching Programme

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There is only ONE person in the world who can fulfil your life’s goals and dreams…that’s YOU, of course. You are fully equipped, whole and capable. You are a Positive, Powerful, Creative being. And your journey doesn’t have to be alone. Coaching gives you an accountability partner, access to a perspective outside of your own view and an understanding of what is possible beyond self-imposed boundaries. 


The10 week programme is designed to help you to identify your current communication style and the areas in your work and life that are impacted by your current style. Using questions and journaling exercises we’ll probe the limitations of the context you hold for those areas and observe practices and thinking patterns that are obstacles to achieving your goals. What can shift? How? What are the possible new contexts and actions?


While you are the only one who can action your goals, my commitment is to bring my experience and expertise in coaching communication and to be by your side, supporting you and encouraging you all the way. The coaching relationship is one of trust, absolute confidentiality and the safety to share and explore possibilities freely. Clear measurable results to be produced, are set at each session.


PACKAGE: 10 x 90minute sessions = R6000.00

An upfront payment entitles you to a 10% discount. Other payment options are available on request.