InstructorHani Du Toit
TypeOnsite Course
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From Employee to Ambassador

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This training is intended to empower frontline staff of medium and large businesses. Your receptionists, secretaries, customer liaison officers have the opportunity to develop effective communication skills for telephone and face to face interaction with clients and colleagues. Misunderstandings, upsets and confusion in the workplace are radically reduced. With an investment in this skill set, frontline staff will be better equipped to connect with and meet the needs of your clients, represent your company brand values in all their interactions and build on your reputation of excellent service. Your frontline staff members have a new opening for expressing themselves with clarity and poise.


The course is broken into three separate modules each delivered in a three hour training session. All modules include telephonic and face-to-face communication practice. Modules are delivered weekly over three successive weeks.

Module 1. Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication – Tuning out of negative Self Talk; Perceptions that limit connection, Message Clarity. Practice.

Module 2. Communicating as a Company Ambassador – identifying company brand values; matching communication style to brand values, creating a context for ‘branded’ communication. Practice

Module 3. Bringing Ease and Grace to ‘difficult’ conversations – Identifying challenging workplace conversations; eliminating barriers to solution; creating an empowering context for easy gracious communication; words and phrases of Ease and Grace. Practice


R1250 includes a non-refundable deposit of R250

Special rates apply when booking 5 staff or more.