InstructorHani Du Toit
TypeOnsite Course
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WEEK 1: What’s my communication style?

Are you a ‘Driver’, ‘Steady’, ‘Influencer’ or ‘Conscientious’? When we know what our style is, and the strengths and limitations of our communication habits, we can actively choose to use them rather than communicate ineffectively by default. What are the profiles of your inner circle? How effectively are you connecting?

WEEK 2: Authenticity, Vulnerability &Power

We all mask our real self through adapted communication behaviour. Yet power lies in connecting from a space of vulnerability, authenticity and personal truth. Explore what masks you wear and what aspects of yourself you can dare to reveal? Learn how to connect with ANYONE by creating collaboration and trust.

WEEK 3: Listening to be heard

What are the distinctions between listening and hearing; active and passive listening; empathic listening and committed listening? Identify the power of varying your listening techniques through active role plays and discover the difference applying these techniques makes.

WEEK 4: Presence, Clarity and Influence

Discover the relationship between body language and messaging. Get comfortable in front of an audience. Bring all your skills together in a short prepared presentation.

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