Hani Du Toit Keynote Speaking

Experience the powerful secrets of connection through authentic, vulnerable communication. Make sure your conference and events are thought provoking, empowering and moves your team to inspired action.

As a Keynote Speaker, Hani shares stories of extraordinary transformation through ordinary action, self-awareness and self-leadership. She addresses issues of diversity, organizational culture and leadership. She is a member of Toastmasters International and The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.

Her Keynotes include:

Beyond Diversity: Inviting a culture of Connection

When we share our own stories, we discover how we can shape worlds with our words. What are the labels we use that create inclusion and exclusion, belonging or isolation? What are the narratives we nurse that keep us separate and alone?

Busting Your Own Leadership Myths

If you’re afraid you’re not a ‘born leader’ or that … then this talk may just wake you up to the realisation that you are blocking your own path to extraordinary leadership.

Dare you Lead like a 4 year old girl?

If you have the ultimate quality of a 4 year old girl, you’re an ideal leader of a successful business beyond 2020. But what is this winning quality and why do we fear it in the work place? What do most leaders trade-off for a façade of knowing confidence, a voice of authority and barrier of logic and reason?

Self Sabotage – what being right costs you most!

Our past trains us in many critical ways to survive life. But when our automatic ways of seeing and hearing go unchecked, it can cost us the Future!

What would you need to see in yourself to stop your past from sabotaging your future?

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